June 30, 2020


by: admin

Creative Workspaces in a Pandemic


In 2019, so many of us were forced to learn how to really “live” from home. The first few days of “quarantine” and the new “work from home” job were ahhh-mazing, right? However, after a month or two (some after a few days) of this new life, many were begging to get out again. How does anyone manage to work from home, assist in their kids new at-home schooling and manage the at-home tasks and responsibilities? It is NOT easy. As a work-from-home mama, I knew how to work from home. I had been doing it for 5 years already before “The Rona” began. This was nothing new to me, but what was new, was having the kids home 24 hours a day WHILE this mama was trying to work AND getting them into their online classes at the appropriate times, making sure they had their supplies and making sure they weren’t being the class clown via WiFi.

Now only if we could get these tiny interns to fetch us coffee, the funnies or bring us lunch.

This new work-from-home thing went from 0-60 in 3.5. Just like many of you, we had to get creative around here. I just couldn’t have 2 kids working from the dining table, sofa, coffee table or bedroom floor and another running amuck through the house during said schooling. They needed a place to make their own, especially after we realized they were definitely not going back to school anytime soon. 😳 We had to create new workspaces for our tiny, new Creative Eyedeas interns. Their boss mama even needed a new workspace and a system to keep these kids on track and keep CE on track. That’s when the creativity set in and we began to transform our home. 3 of the rooms in our home received new desks, new desk and wall decor to help with organization, new shelving systems and some funky artwork to get the juices flowing in those little creative minds and to keep them thinking.

It wasn’t an easy transition and I know many of you can relate. I also know many of you adapted and did exactly what we did. How do I know this? Well, because IKEA was selling out or on backorder on all of the popular desks and Facebook Marketplace was popping with desks.

Hard times call for creativity. And you see, that’s what CE specializes in… creativity in any situation, even in a pandemic.

Let us know how you transformed your work-from-home workspace in the comments below.